Frequently Asked Questions


What amount of cremains are required per Memorial?

  We only use a very small amount, for each memorial we generally use less than 1/2 a teaspoon. Any, and all remaining cremains will be returned to you. The finer sizes of ash are the easiest to incorporate, and generally look the best.

Can we incorporate anything other than Cremains in the memorials?

  Yes, ashes look the best, but sometimes they are not available. We have incorporated fine sand from a favorite beach, soil from a favorite spot, and even small bits of hair or fur. The organic material does burn off but various small specs, and hazes remain. They are quite nice when incorporated with silver fumed highlights.

What do the cremains look like in the glass?

  First of all, not all cremains look the same when mixed into the glass. It depends on the quality of the ashes, and other variables in the glass chemistry. They can be more or less opaque, sometimes presenting in a swirl of white, or off white specs throughout the clear glass they are encased within. Other times they can clump into larger aggregations, and look like small clumps of snow on a darker colored background. We generally use a darker color for the background or core of the piece, this lets the cremains showup much better in the foreground.

Do the cremains have to be highly visible?

  No, not at all. Some people prefer them to make up the most visible portion of the design, while others request a more discreet presentation. Occasionally people will request that they not be visible, in which case we put them inside the core of the memorial beneath colored glass. You can look at some of the sample photos throughout our site. Please be aware it is almost impossible to duplicate a memorial exactly... the cremains and glass react differently from piece to piece. Colors also vary somewhat depending on the ashes, and techniques used.

Can two or more loved ones cremains be mixed within a Memorial?

  Yes, we are often asked to mix two sets of cremains in a piece. Our Spinner Pendants can have two beads stacked on the shank, or more if we make a longer shank.

Can our loved one's cremains get mixed-up with others?
How do we know it is our loved one's cremains in the Memorials that we receive?

 Our studio has been designed to work with the cremains in a way of utmost care, and respect... that which honors the spirit of your loved one's memory. Our work and storage areas have been designed to provide a clean and safe space to guarantee that cremains cannot be mixed up, and are kept separated throughout all stages of creation.

 Once we receive the cremains, we double check the label, and then enter it into our database. We use multiple labels on each item, which are all printed from our database. Each memorial is done one at a time, and the cremains and memorial are kept totally separate from other orders with no chance of being mixed up with other orders. Once the Memorial is completed everything is cleaned up before any more work is done. Any leftover ashes are returned to you along with the finished Memorial(s).

The USPS shipping method requires a signature at both ends to be sure it goes to the intended recipient

Variations in color and pattern

 Please look at the photos on the lower half of the Gallery page they illustrate the amount of variance one can expect.

If you have any questions at all...

 Please do not hesitate to email us, or call us... it is best to email us to setup a time to call you. It is the nature of our work that sometimes does not allow us to answer the phone while working in the studio. If you call, please leave contact information and time to return your call on the answering machine.