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Welcome to our Memorial Galleries, the links below will take you to each gallery section. The galleries are constantly expanding as we add new styles. We will be activating the "Vessels" section in the near future, and it will feature small hand blown vessels containing cremains, which may be worn as jewelry. There will also be a section added that will feature small jewelry sized glass cabachons, set in sterling silver bezels for a more traditional necklace.

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Variations in color and pattern

The following photos illustrate the amount of variance there can be in colors and patterns. Cremains vary, and the way they react with the glass and certain colors will very often give a different appearance than the sample memorials pictured on this site. Each memorial is made entirely by hand, and due to many variables each memorial will be a unique piece. Colors, especially any of the fumed silver folded designs, or the reactive amber/purple or violet colors are serendipitous in nature... many times three pieces done at the same time will each have varying depths and shades of color. Some will develop secondary, and terserary colors, others not.

Most colors will look different depending on the color temperature of the light source you are viewing them under. Incandescent, fluorescent, and LED will all shift the the color somewhat.

Some group photos follow, showing the variance possible using the same colors and techniques:

These are examples of Silver Fume Trail Pendants. All of them use the same colors, and same basic technique. They are totally unique unto themselves. The fume trail varies in width and complexity.
These are Snowflake Pendants, the backing colors are cobalt and blue (darker colors show the cremains much better). Note the varience in amount, and size of cremains and distribution.

These are Spirit Star cabochons, which we will be offering, set in sterling silver pendants. The center one has a black background, the others cobalt. The design varies in every one we do. These too are totally unique unto themselves.