The ordering process begins by looking through our Memorial Gallery, and choosing the style memorial(s) you would like us to create incorporating your loved ones ashes. Write your choices down, both the item #s, and descriptions and then email us with your choices. We will invoice you through PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account, and may pay by credit card). If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us, or call us... it is best to email us to setup a time to call you. It is the nature of our work that does not allow us to answer the phone while working in the studio. If you call, please leave contact information and time to return your call on the answering machine.

If you are local or within a reasonable driving distance, you may arrange with us to drop off your cremains at our studio by appointment, and then pickup the finished work when we notify you of its completion. This will save the expense of shipping the cremains.

We will then send out a collection kit which consists of a padded pre-labled envelope with a small container, and instructions for sending the labeled container back to us.

Once we receive the cremains, we double check the label, and then enter it into our database. We use multiple labels on each item, which are all printed from our database. Each job is done one at a time, and the cremains and memorial(s) are kept totally separate from other orders with no chance of being mixed up with other orders. Once the Memorial is completed everything is cleaned up before any more work is done. Any leftover ashes are returned to you along with the finished Memorial(s).

These memorials are not done in a factory, but in our own studio where the upmost respect and care of the remains is given for each memorial. Upon completion within 3-8 weeks, we will return the finished memorials, and any remaining ashes to you by registered mail.
The studio is a quiet and peaceful environment, filled with positive energy where we focus on each individual who is being memorialized. If you wish to share with us we would welcome to know a little about the loved one who we are memorializing.

Upon completion your order will be carefully packed and shipped out by USPS Priority Mail Express. We will notify you by e-mail when we are ready to send out your completed order.